Treasure Island - The Golden Bug

Treasure Island - The Golden Bug 3.0

Treasure Island - The Golden Bug is a HOG based upon E. A. Poe's short story
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Treasure Island - The Golden Bug is a hidden-object adventure game inspired by the short story by Edgar Allan Poe, The Gold-bug. The game recreates the story of William Legrand, a guy of wealth who after losing his fortune, decides to run away from New Orleans to settle on Sullivan Island, where his family possesses a small cottage. There, he lives a peaceful existence until during one of his daily walks he stumbles upon a strange beetle, which seems completely made of gold. After this event, he undertakes the task of finding out the origin of the golden bug, what reveals a fascinating tale of pirates and hidden treasures.

In contrast to the latest HOGs, which involve some intuitive puzzles and require a bit more of interaction with the scenes, this game consists mostly of hidden-object scenes where you need to find the items listed. Completing a hidden-object round will allow you to move on in the adventure. The object hunt takes you further away from your cabin to locations that will be familiar to those who read the story, like the Bishops' Hostel or the Devil's Chair. You will be exploring the woods and collecting objects that can help you complete a task, while trying to solve a few mini puzzles along the way.
Overall, the game is not really difficult to solve, but at some points it can be hard to spot objects because graphics lack definition and color, which is specially troublesome in areas where there are lots of tiny elements to find. This gives you no other choice than click aimlessly all over the screen to see if, by any chance, you get to find an object. This can be quite frustrating, as is the fact that there's no on-screen tips or help indicating you what to do to solve a particular puzzle.

In short, if you don't mind the low quality of the graphics or the fact that there's only one single music track along the game, this is a title that is sure to entertain most HOGs fans, specially those who enjoy adventure stories.

Mariel Rearte
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  • Great story for an adventure game
  • Recreates key moments of the original story


  • Graphics lack definition and color, making it hard to spot objects at some instances of the game
  • There's only one single music track that plays endlessly
  • Lack of on-screen help can keep you stuck not knowing what to do
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